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We plan and execute DAZZLING SOCIAL & LEARNING events to include our flagship Florida Glitter & Gold Ball and our ENGAGING English Communications Classes for  non-English speakers and also for children who need to learn the CODE-BREAKERS for Reading, Writing, & Spelling in English.

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We create and design formal events to strengthen families & communities.


Celebrating the most basic building block of a successful society, Starburst Interactive creates events to strengthen marriages and also relationships between parents and children.


Some of these events include the FLORIDA GLITTER & GOLD SPRING BALL and the CLERMONT SNOW BALL dinner and dancing formal evenings to help strengthen relationships between husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and other couples who hope to marry and form a union and possibly raise a family someday.  

We also hold a Father-Daughter Gala and a Mother-Son Formal to carry on long-standing American tradition of raising our children to be model-citizens and excellent bearers of their family-role responsibilities.

"The family serves as the training ground and shelter for children, preparing them for life in the adult world." 

"Putting your marriage first ensures that your needs are being met. When you are on an airplane, the airline attendants always tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before putting it on your children, so that you are stable enough to help them. It is the same way with marriage. By keeping your marriage strong, you keep yourself strong and much better able to care for your children." 

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Our Learn To Read Florida - Traditional Phonogram Method (with Lightening Fast Results) teaching team has a combined 60 years of teaching Children AND Adults to Read, Write, Spell, & Speak English.

We have an exuberance for helping others "crack the code" unlike most have seen and OUR CLASSES ARE FABULOUSLY ENGAGING!!

We provide two distinct programs:


- FOUNDATIONS IN ENGLISH for English speaking children who need to learn how to Read, Write, & Spell in English.


-ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS CLASS for adults who speak a foreign language and want to learn how to Speak, Read, Write, and Spell in English. 

Interested in one of our special events? Let's Talk.​
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